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Il n'y a qu'une façon d'apprendre, c'est par l'action.



Who is this training for? 


You are an individual who wants to master his Billig and his pancake batter like a professional to impress everyone..

A student wanting to work in a creperie during his studies and be sure to be taken to the interview..

You may want to do a retraining but don't realize what the crepe maker job is..



How should I dress? 


You had to come dressed comfortably, as you feel good, you can change on the spot. No fear of dirt I provide an apron to everyone. 


  What should I bring for the training?


Remember to bring a small notebook to write down your little things that you don't want to forget, although   the guide left at the end of the training will be very complete on the different points of the training.


PS: the  good mood is your most important baggage not to forget during this day.


Is it continuous or do we take a break?


No break, however when lunchtime arrives, we prepare our pancakes and we all eat together, and it's all you can eat pancakes...but no time for a siesta!



I am interested in a tailor-made training, is it possible for you to pick me up at Quimper station? Do you offer solutions for overnight accommodation for training over two days (or more for tailor-made)?


Of course I can commute, the room where the training takes place is 15 minutes from this one.

For accommodation there are "guest rooms" possible with breakfast and dinner included.

These services will be billed.


What means of payment do you use?


The means of payment available are credit card, cash, check and PayPal, and even gold coins.

Do you do gift cards?

Yes of course, send me an email I will give you more information about this one.

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